MCRL is administered by a committee made up of seasoned professors appointed by the Vice-Chancellor representing a broad range of disciplines, and having the MacArthur Grant Liaison Officer, the Dean of the Postgraduate School, and the Director of the Equipment Maintenance Centre as statutory members. The Director is in charge of the day to day running of the laboratory.

The present composition of the Administrative Committee for the MCRL is as follows:

Prof. P. C. Onianwa (Chairman)       Dept of Chemistry

Prof. A. O. Adegoke (Director)        Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Prof. A. A. Omoloye                        Dept of Crop Protection & Environmental Biology

Prof. A. O. Coker                             Dept of Civil Engineering

Prof. J. I. Anetor                             Dept of Chemical Pathology

Prof. Bamidele I. Olu-Owolabi      Dept of Chemistry

Prof. B. O. Emikpe                         Dept of Veterinary Pathology

Prof. O. A. Adaramoye                  Dept of Biochemistry

Dr. Elizabeth O. Oloruntoba        Dept of Environmental Health Sciences


Statutory Members:

MacArthur Grant Liaison Officer

Provost, Postgraduate College

Director, Equipment Maintenance Centre



User Sub-Committees and Technologists Committee

User Sub-committees, made up of scientists familiar with the respective items of equipment and chaired by senior academics, together with the Technologists Committee, ensure proper use and regular maintenance of equipment and effective cost recovery for sustainability through the charging of appropriate fees. They ensure adherence to standard operating procedures and quality assurance protocols for specific items of equipment.